We have owned German Shepherds since the early 1970s, but only recently came back into showing and breeding. We show in conformation, rally, obedience, herding and agility.


Our two sons grew up with "Kelly," a beautiful black and tan shepherd that was the perfect family dog. Kelly gave us almost 16 years of love and memories. Duke was another dog that left more than a decade of memories with our family. To this day, some of our grandchildren refer to us as "Dukey'" grandma and grandpa. After we lost Duke, we thought maybe we should not have a dog to make it easier to vacation, travel and ride our Harley. So, we were "dog less" for a couple of years, but it just didn't feel right.


About six years purchased two quality dogs from top national breeders and set about making them part of our family. Our sons are now grown, married and have blessed us with six beautiful grandchildren that also enjoy our dogs and especially our puppies. You will see pictures of them throughout our website.


Our dogs live with us. They have the run of our acreage and swim in our small backyard lake. Each dog has their own personality and specialty in their own venue. On the next pages you will see the girls, the boys, pictures of puppies both past and present when we have them, the sires of our puppies and links to other sites where friends both local and around the country have dogs also.


We breed champion dogs primarily in order to conceive show dogs for ourselves. We cannot keep all the puppies! We'd like to but we can only afford the time and money to show one or two dogs at a time. Of course not all the puppies are the same level of show quality and since we breed dogs we intend to keep we are selling quality not quantity. When someone tells me they are looking for a pet not a "show" dog what they really mean is they don't want to go to dog shows. They really are looking for the same qualities in a dog that we are: temperament, health, intelligence, loyalty, companionship, beauty in motion. We will only share (sell) our puppies with people that demonstrate the ability to properly care for them and people that we like and trust to give them a good home. Living with a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is not the same as living with a Golden Retreiver. GSD's have hard wired DNA to be guard dogs. They are not attack dogs unless trained to be so and our puppies will never be sold to that home. But, they naturally feel they have to protect and serve so unless they know you are the boss they will automatically assume they are. Much like children unless you set ground rules, are consistent and give them an outlet to expend their energy children can grow up to be real brats - well so can these beautiful dogs. When that happens it's typically the parents fault - i.e. the owner's fault - not the children or the dog's.


Temperament is the number one priority in breeding for us. Health is number two and intelligence is number three. The beauty of the dogs is number four and a by-product of our excellent breeding program.


          We offer a two-year health guarantee. 

          The puppies are well-socialized.

          They are typically about 70-75 percent housetrained by the time they leave.

          They are accustomed to being in a crate, riding in cars, having their ears cleaned, being groomed and having nails clipped and feet played with.  


We choose our pet buyers very carefully and have some requirements that must be met prior to purchase:


          A fenced yard - most of the time

          A veterinarian - preferably one that knows GSDs

          You will receive an AKC limited registration - which means you cannot use the dog for breeding.

          Although we encourage spay/neuter we ask that you wait until the dog is mature enough to not cause health issues as there is growing evidence doing this too early is causing issues that show up in later years.


We will accept deposits on the puppies once they are a week old; typically the litter is sold by the time they are two or three weeks old but always ask because people change their minds and some get puppies earlier from other breeders and we may have either a litter coming up or be able to tell you which of our fellow breeders has a current litter. 


We hope this information is helpful.


We appreciate your viewing our website.


Feel free to call or email with any additional questions. 


Contact us any time at epeters93@aol.com or 330-723-9941 or 216-375-9303.

Albert and Elaine Peters, Medina, OH

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